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  • Testimonials

    MJA understands the sacrifices service members and their families make every day and is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation to our clients. Below are testimonials from real clients we are proud to have served.

    Top Choice for a Military Defense Representation

    “After a false allegation of misconduct was leveled against me, I was placed on legal hold and not allowed to complete my obligated service in the timeframe expected. Special Court-Martial charges had been directed. I became a target of harassment, and my life was at an absolute standstill. I called MJA. Mr. Hodge was relentless in his defense of me. He did his own investigation and presented facts and circumstances that unquestionably absolved me of any wrongdoing under the UCMJ. He also made himself available 24/7. I reached my end of active service without charges or involuntary separation. I emphatically recommend Mr. Hodge and his team to any service member that needs a solid military defense lawyer advocating for them. Mr. Hodge should be your top choice!”

    – Cpl, USMC

    It Was Like a Scene From a Movie

    “I highly recommend Mr. Healy to anyone that has Military Law issues as he was insanely knowledgeable during the entire process and made me and my family feel very comfortable during the process. From the first time we contacted Mr. Healy, we knew immediately that we wanted to hire him as our attorney, which we did, and we had spoke with several others prior to contacting Mr. Healy. He was able to help and explain everything in a manner we understood. He was very professional the entire time and exuded confidence during the board and has a very commanding presence in the room. He is a very fast thinker and was able to provide answers and consultation in the last minute. It was almost like a scene from a movie, and regardless of what side you were on, you felt and understood everything that was said by Mr. Healy. He captured the board members attention and never once did I notice the board members look around or look bored; he had their attention from start to finish and it had a huge impact on getting the results we only had hoped of getting before hiring him. The results I received from the board was the best possible outcome in my favor and saved my career and my family’s future. I recommend that if you need an attorney in military law and sex crimes, to consult with and hire Mr. Healy immediately!”

    – MSgt, USAF

    The Best Choice for a Military Defense Counsel

    “When I was put under investigation with my Command pending Court Martial, I didn’t know who to turn to for help. Thankfully I came across MJA’s law firm website and immediately hired Mr. Hill after consultation and looking over their reviews. After 7 long months of waiting, the week of my Court Martial came and I would see the fearlessness and confidence of Mr. Hill in the courtroom. He tore apart the government’s theory piece by piece which would result in the outcome in our favor. I trusted him with my career on the line, and he was outstanding. I 10/10 would highly recommend Mr. Hill to anyone who is going through legal challenges with their command.”

    – PO3, USN

    Quality of the Highest Tier

    “10/10 would recommend. I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon Mr. Healy during the early stages of my legal process. From the beginning, Mr. Healy was with me every step of the way, guiding me through the chaos of the military legal system. He broke down complex problems into easily digestible concepts that I would normally be hard pressed to understand. His extensive knowledge of the military legal system shows in his confidence and competency both in and out of the courtroom. Every step my command took against me, Mr. Healy was there to meet them with equal to greater push back. My process involved challenging a multitude of 6105s, adverse fitreps, and a final confrontation at an Administrative Separations Board. I’m happy to report a victory at the board that was originally thought not possible by other representation. To quote my military counsel upon achieving a victory at the board ‘Of all the civilian representation I have seen, both good and bad, he was one of the best.’ If there is one major takeaway, Mr. Healy gets results. If you want to win then you need the most suited Subject Matter Expert on your side. To any who reads this, you’re already in the right place. If you hire Mr. Healy, you will be hiring Quality of the Highest Tier.”

    – SGT, USMC

    I Would Hire Them Again in a Heartbeat

    “I was facing a court martial. My back was against the wall, my family found Mr. Healy online and I immediately reached out. He instantly gave me hope when I had nowhere left to turn. Together with Josh they did a phenomenal job keeping my family and myself informed throughout the whole process and making sure I was prepared at every turn. Gerry and Josh are absolute professional monsters in the court room! When the day came to fight I sat there and watched in awe just how fantastic these guys are. Every move more tactical, deliberate, and amazing then the next.  My court martial resulted in the judge ruling a Dismissal with Prejudice! Something in his 10+ years as an attorney he’s never seen!  I absolutely recommend Mr. Healy and Mr. Hill  to anyone in a serious situation. These guys really care and felt like friends that will support you through anything! They won’t give up fighting, no matter what and I cannot thank them enough for everything they did for me. I would hire them again in a heartbeat and wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner! The only mistake you’ll make is not hiring them sooner!”

    – PFC, USA

    Titling & Indexing Petition for Expungement

    “Josh laid a course of action to petition against a ‘titling’ from a military investigation on my criminal record and worked diligently through every step of the process to make my case. It was an uphill battle, requiring us to petition at each level of authority. It didn’t come quickly and certainly not without effort – but Josh Hill brought in a big win for me that will have a positive change for the rest of my life. He was open & honest from the start, didn’t make any promises & was real about what we were up against. What I appreciate about Josh is that he knows what he’s doing. I consulted with other attorneys & it seemed like a cash grab with them – but with Josh I could tell he had experience. There was a good chance my petition could have been denied, but Josh worked it through to put up the best fight we could & it really paid off.”

    – CPO, USN

    Truly Cares and Fights for Clients

    “In November of 2020 I reached out and hired Mr. Healy to represent me in a General Court Martial facing a Sexual Assault charge. Throughout that entire time Mr. Healy did everything in his power to prepare and keep me informed on everything. My life was on the line and I trusted him with everything, confident that the outcome would be in our favor. Mr. Healy truly cares for and fights for his clients. I saw that firsthand and I would undoubtedly recommend him in a second to anybody, who just like me, is fighting for their life knowing they are innocent. Mr. Healy was not only my attorney, but a friend who fought for me and got me my life back. I’m very thankful to have met Mr. Healy and if anyone is in a situation where they know they want to fight for their life, Mr. Healy is the person for you.”

    – SrA, USAF

    Always Faithful

    “Josh is a hard nosed and dedicated attorney that will stand by you every step of the way in your defense. He is a true believer in justice. Josh will not quit on you and wont let you quit on yourself. His dedication to me as a client was unprecedented. I could not do enough to show my thanks and gratitude for all the great work he has done in regards to my career. I recommend Josh to anybody who may require legal representation within the Department of Defense.”

    – SSG, USA

    Hands Down Best Lawyer

    “I was facing a court martial. I had nowhere left to turn. I was on my last leg, but my CSM told me to keep fighting. So that’s exactly what I did, I found Mr. Healy through online searching and did some research on him. Turns out he’s exactly what I needed, so I hired him immediately. Mr. Healy gave me hope again but we were never certain. After what felt like a lifetime, the day has come to fight. As I sat there and watched Mr. Healy do what he does best I was in complete awe. I knew he was good, but now I was seeing exactly how good. He fought tooth and nail for me and never backed down from the fight. Through his tedious work he resulted on top of my court martial and was able to prove a not guilty finding from the jury. I recommend Mr. Healy to anyone in a serious situation such as myself. He will not waiver or give up fighting, no matter with he had my back 100% and I cannot thank him enough for giving me my life back.”

    – SPC, USA

    Caring and Excellent Attorney!

    “It would be nice to have the option to give Josh Hill more than five stars. In my eyes, and he also knows, he deserves more than that. Hill’s professionalism exceeded all my expectations. He is very modest and straightforward. Since my wife and I contacted him, he was unequivocal in how he will be proceeding with our case and the variants to have it solved. I am an Air Force Active Duty member, and after joining, I had an SCRA problem with a car dealership, and they had reported me to the credit bureaus. I had tried to resolve the issue with the dealership for three years without success.

    I needed to have this situation clear for my TS clearance, and I was getting nowhere. I felt that I had a case. I called many lawyers before I found Josh, but none of them gave me the confidence to resolve this matter. What sets Josh apart from other attorneys, in my opinion, is his caring nature. He first asks me for all the documents to analyze them and see if I had a case. When other attorneys asked for money first, he worked around my hours because he knew I was overseas. He frequently reached out to me to give me updates on my case. With all sincerity, I can’t praise Josh enough, and he went the extra mile for me. I feel that he went above and beyond his duty.

    Thanks to Josh Hill, today, I can continue with my goals in the military.
    Thank you, Josh, for the love of your job and your support!”

    – A1C, USAF

    MJA is “THE BEST”

    “I contacted attorney Joshua A. Hill on an old military law matter, a few months ago. From the very beginning, attorney Hill has provided me with the utmost courteous and expert legal advice. My issue was complex; but Josh was able to cut through to the heart of the matter and formulate a sound legal argument which will allow me to prevail in an upcoming hearing.

    THANK YOU to attorney Joshua Hill for taking on my case, for treating me with the dignity that I deserve–and for the clarity and acumen that he so expertly provided to my matter. And thanks for having my back!

    I would gladly recommend attorney Joshua Hill & Healy Law Group, LLC, Military Justice Attorneys for any UCMJ legal matter–whether you’re active duty or a veteran, like me! They are THE BEST.”

    – CAPT, USAF

    MJA Saved My Military Career

    “I have served in the Army Honorably for 12 years, when I was wrapped up in case much bigger than me. I was facing an allegation against me that wasn’t true, my family and I felt backed into a wall. We leaned heavily on our faith to point us in the right direction, beginning to search for attorney’s when a profile for Gerry Healy popped up. We prayed about it and felt compelled to inquire about his partnership. When he responded swiftly we knew he cared and was eager to represent us. Upon talking to him, we prayed some more and instantly felt a need to hire him, knowing his experience in military and civilian law furthermore assured us.

    Once we hired him we knew we were in good hands. I was able to go to work confidently and still be the quality Soldier and Non-Commissioned Officer I know I am. Gerry worked tirelessly and diligently to pursue the truth, and obtain proof. Based on his experience, he was able to see through any and all falsehoods provided by all involved in the case. He’s an aggressive, committed, and fearless attorney, when called he responds and will get in the court room any day. Throughout all the proceedings I was well informed of what was going on, and was accurately given guidance on any action needed to be taken whether it be from me or them. Not only did he serve us well but he also brought in an excellent partner from his firm by the name of Josh Hill.

    Josh added a sense of unmatched passion that spearheaded this case. Like Gerry, Josh was able to see through any falsehood presented to him. He was always blunt in his efforts to expose the truth – a clear cut and dry attorney that is completely transparent. With every conversation we had with Josh we knew that we could trust him in the same manner we trusted Gerry. Every time I spoke with Josh, I felt a sense of security in these matters that are unparalleled. Josh exhausted all his efforts to gather the facts and maintain the integrity of all involved, at no time did he expect anything less. A true attorney of good moral character, standards, and discipline.

    Both of these outstanding attorneys worked tirelessly with my TDS counsel. They all saved not only my career but my entire way of life. If I had to do it all again, I’d definitely be hiring them again for any situation. God truly gave us the right three men for the job, and we cannot thank them enough.”

    – SSG, USA

    The Calm in the Storm

    I am so glad that we found Gerry and recommend him to anyone who needs help. Not only did he find the truth which cleared my husbands name but he saved his career and way of life. He is worth every penny and even worked with us as the legal battle morphed and changed. He made a trip to be present with my husband during a reading that he did not have to be there for because it made my husband more comfortable to have his representation. He truly cares about his clients and will not let you down. Thank you again Gerry, from the bottom of our hearts we are so happy we found you. God Bless.”

    – Courtney, Military Spouse

    Worth Every Cent if You Need a Military Defense Attorney!

    Fantastic and Effective Attorney

    “I have unfortunately had a wealth of experience with attorneys of various disciplines over a year and half period of legal battles including military, criminal, civil, and family law. Of the six attorneys I have had to retain in that timeframe, and the many others I have consulted with, Josh Hill has been hands down the easiest to work with.

    Many attorneys will be difficult to reach or will try to nickel and dime you for every email or phone call. Josh is reliably easy to get in touch with, keeps you well informed, and has been nothing but generous and fair with his time and fees. The man has sound instinct and judgement, and fantastic planning and communication skills. He shifts gears quickly: we never had to go to bat for the initial reason I retained him – but the legal battlescape is capricious, and I later found myself on the hook for a matter that was related but not on the contract I signed. He was well within his rights to charge me new fees and write new contracts, but he didn’t pull that move. He stuck with me, applied my initial fees to the new task, and put a lot of work into my matter over a year and a half after I had first hired him for a different reason.

    He constructed a 160-some page package for a two-star general on the ludicrous time constraint of about one week. His work directly resulted in the outcome that I desired. But here is the thing – I also listened to what he told me to do. If you do the same, you can have a good result. This is an effective and trustworthy attorney. What’s more, he is the only lawyer who I think legitimately cared about my outcome. If you are seeking a military law attorney, this is the one you should hire.” 


    Best Defense Lawyer, Bar None!

    “About a year ago I was served with a Letter of Reprimand for a false Article 120b accusation of sexual assault. I was served with discharge paperwork and knew that I was going to need someone good to represent me at my administrative discharge board hearing. After some research online I came across Gerald’s site and it seemed as though it was exactly what I needed.  When I first contacted Gerald he wasted no time to provide me with excellent advice. He was extremely professional and answered every question I had. After our consultation I made the best decision in my life and hired Gerald to defend me in my Article 120b board hearing.

    His knowledge of the judicial system and his skills are untouchable. He is a fierce defense lawyer that will not disappoint you when it matters most. His skills saved my career and my life. He is very straight forward, honest and trustworthy. He is bold and upfront with you and he will tell you exactly where you stand and what direction you should go. He has tenacity coupled with a degree of benevolence but never loses site of the end goal, which is to protect, defend and have the best outcome for his client.

    I would never hesitate to recommend Gerald Healy to anyone out there going through some legal issues. You will not regret the decision and it may be your life he saves next. Gerald, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

    – Andy

    Outstanding Legal Representation.

    “SPC, US Army attended administrative separation board. Looking at a OTH discharged for sexual assault. Gerald Healy and Josh Hill represented me. They supported me through the whole process. Not once did I have to question or even think about the worst outcome! They made it known that no matter what happened it would be the best outcome for me. I was found not guilty and I retained in service! Not only did they fix the situation they also saved my career and now I continue to be the soldier I am and serve my country honorably! I would highly recommend Mr. Healy and Mr. Hill to anyone in regard of any situation that puts their career at risk no matter the situation! Don’t think about if you should or shouldn’t receive representation from them I promise you they are the most professional attorneys anyone could ever hire!”

    – SPC, USA

    Great Lawyer!

    Mr. Hill was a great attorney; he exceeded all expectations. He put full effort into each step of my case. He went over various scenarios and prepared me for every outcome. Throughout the entire case, Mr. Hill kept me encouraged and did everything in his power to win my case. My case lasted a year, starting in June of 2017 and ending in June of 2018, but I did not hire Mr. Hill until April of 2018. He had only 2 and a half months to prepare for my case against attorneys whom had the full 12 months to prepare and even with the odds against us, Mr. Hill put full effort in and won my case! I highly recommend him to any person searching for an attorney, especially the younger defendants because he connects with you and understands that you have your full life ahead of you and is willing to do whatever it takes to get you your freedom or the best offer.”

    – PFC, USA

    Worth Every Penny.

    Gerry Healy is an outstanding attorney. In the courtroom he is confident, knowledgeable, and aggressive. I remember reading some reviews when I had first consulted with Gerry, and one comment stuck in my mind. It referred to him as an ‘articulate pit bull in the courtroom.’ That description of Gerry is spot on. He is tough, sharp and always a step ahead of everyone else. He made sure that I received a fair trial and really kept the prosecution in check. I would not want my fate in anyone else’s hands. Thank you again Gerry.”

    – Alan

    Phenomenal Lawyer!

    “I got caught up in a situation that escalated almost beyond my control. I seeked out legal assistance and found Joshua Hill online. He is a great lawyer and helped me stay in the Marine Corps. I highly recommend him as an attorney and if I know people who need an attorney Joshua Hill would be the first I tell them to contact. Overall great person and attorney that is more than willing to help and is super understanding.”

    – LCPL, USMC

    I was Very Lucky to Come Across Joshua Hill!

    With a possibility of not being able to enlist active duty do to a false urinalysis and a subpar recruiter, I had to search for a lawyer for immediate help. After coming across Hill’s contact information I called without hesitation and with very little effort required of myself considering the situation, this lawyer resolved my problem allowing me to return to MEPS. He did his job with care almost like he himself was in my shoes with my awful situation. I would strongly recommend him to anyone!”

    – Wesley

    Mr. Healy Saved My Career.

    Mr. Healy’s expert legal knowledge in military law and tenacity in the court room directly resulted in my 12-year Army career being saved after making just one mistake that jeopardized it all. I have extensive medical issues that I knew I was going to need my VA benefits to support my family after my MEB. The government sent me to a Special Court -artial after one bad decision, they would not even offer a plea deal that didn’t include a Bad Conduct Discharge and a minimum 9-months confinement. I waited for 10 months of expecting the worst for myself and my family, almost certainly facing a BCD and confinement. Mr. Healy, after only the first day of a three-day Court Martial, convinced the judge to make his decision. I left the courtroom that day with only a General Letter of Reprimand. I can now finish my MEB and retire honorably.”

    – Tony

    Fierce. Articulate. Bold. Intelligent.

    “Gerry is brilliant. I will never be able to thank him enough for seeking justice for my son. An earlier review describes Gerry as an ‘articulate pitbull’ in the courtroom and that is exactly what he is. He is fierce and does not back down; he is a fighter for justice. Gerry was very attentive to us during our 15-month process; he was sincere, understanding, patient, and he explained the process and what to expect every step of the way. I will be forever grateful for his diligence in our case.”

    – Michelle

    Fearless, aggressive and confident defense lawyer.

    “General Court-Martial 2015 for an alleged kiss with two charges and two specifications each charges. Attorney Gerald Healy is by far one of the most experienced, fearless, and confident defense lawyer I have ever known. He fought for me in my very complicated case in the Marine Corps. In his insurmountable knowledge and years of experienced in Military Laws and Regulations, he was successful in defending my case and getting all the charges fully acquitted.

    Attorney Gerald Healy is the guy who never gives up. He kept me updated on my case. He is a very approachable lawyer and he will address all your concerns as much as he can. As a matter of fact, though his duty and responsibilities to me has been long done, he was still helping me address my concern in providing certain documents I have been looking for. I owe him a lot. He saved my life.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Gerald Healy to anybody when they need a lawyer. He is the kind of guy you want to get when you need a lawyer to fight your battle against the world. He is worth every single penny that you would pay for a lawyer.”

    – CPL, USMC

    Dedicated and Gets Results

    I would like to start by expressing how grateful I am for Mr. Healy’s counsel and dedication to my case. I was accused of sexual harassment and fraternization with a junior enlisted soldier while at Camp Casey, South Korea. Mr. Healy took his time to review all the evidence and put together a very strong defense case for me during my Military Separation Board. He was able to argue valid points with confidence and vigor against the government, despite their best efforts to put me down. He is great at keeping in touch and staying positive and motivating. Mr. Healy will also give you the best- and worst-case scenarios but always keeps a positive mindset and fights to get you the best outcome possible. He was able to get the charges unsubstantiated and keep me retained in the military. Even after all was said and done he was still available for questions and counsel. Thank you, Mr. Healy.

    – SFC, USA

    He is an articulate pitbull in the courtroom.

    “I know Mr Healy quite well. He represented me in a case where the odds were stacked against me. This was the most difficult time of my life considering some other circumstances that were added on. However, he fought for me tooth and nail even though his caseload was very high at the time. It seemed he devoted every ounce of effort to find me justice and in the end, because of his efforts, I was fully acquitted of several charges.

    I will never forget that feeling for as long as I live. Upon the announcement of the verdict I nearly collapsed. My career, my life, my future was completely in his hands and he took it as seriously as I did. He is an articulate pitbull in the courtroom. I highly recommend his services if you expect to have any chance of seeing the justice you truly deserve.”

    – Shannon, USMC

    Excellent Choice!

    I found Gerald through research in which we needed legal guidance for our son through what would be a difficult process if not done accurately, fairly and to be very concise to what truly occurred. We needed someone who understood the situation and how to work through a military process to ensure our son’s story was told correctly to prove his innocence.

    Gerry contacted me in a very timely manner and was able to see and understand how to help us. My son and I worked with Chip, Gerry’s partner at the firm and we were treated with such care, such commitment and they did everything right to ensure a very successful outcome!

    My son was comforted by Chip and Gerry through the long and stressful process. We were always kept up to date on happenings and what the next steps would be. If I ever had a question or doubt, Chip and Gerry were there to respond quickly to give us the FACTS and hope I needed. You will not be disappointed by having Gerry and Chip on your side. THANK YOU Gerry and Chip for all you did!

    – Shirin, Parent of Servicemember

    An Excellent Lawyer!

    “Gerald Healy represented my son in a very serious court martial case. He walked with us each step of the way from the beginning to the end. He put in numerous hours and left no stone overturned when working on my son’s case. During the court martial hearing it was evident that he is a skilled lawyer and works hard for the families he represents. I highly recommend Mr. Healy if you are ever in need of a great lawyer. It was especially helpful that Mr. Healy has extensive experience with military court proceedings both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. That was evident in our son’s full acquittal.”

    – Anonymous

    The best representation I could have dreamed of for my daughter.

    “I am very thankful to have found Josh [Hill] to represent my daughter who was facing an administrative separation from the Marine Corps. She had done nothing to deserve this and tried to navigate the system on her own to fight it at first. By the time I was aware of her situation, some time had passed and quick action was necessary. I was immediately impressed with Josh’s thorough, reassuring and competent manner during our initial phone call. After speaking to four other attorneys, and much research online, Josh stood out significantly. It was a trying time, as I had no prior knowledge of how the military legal system worked and had never had to hire an attorney before. Josh was proactive, thorough, and very conscience in his representation of my daughter. He did an excellent job of explaining the process, outlining options and presenting us with his recommendations. His communication was very timely and we felt that he was easily accessible. Emails, texts and phone calls were promptly acknowledged and returned when necessary. My daughter received a favorable outcome that I know would had not of happened without Josh’s outstanding representation. For that I will be eternally grateful.”

    – Meredith

    Best Experience-Best Outcome-Best Service.

    “My son is serving currently serving in the military. The military wanted to admin. Separate him for something so minor it was ridiculous and unfair. When you are going against the powers to be in a military, the person serving in the military really has no say in their outcome.  The attorney’s on base were compassionate and told my son this is not right and how unfair it, and they explained some legal rights but there is nothing they could really do and my son did not have a voice in this matter or any attorney on base that could help him.

    My son found Attorney Joshua Hill through a friend in the military who had a great outcome. We hired Joshua Hill immediately. He spoke to us with such calm and confidence, instantly putting our fears to rest. During this entire situation, he communicated constantly. Whenever we had a question or concern he was quick to respond.  He handled this situation so well and knew the right thing to say to my son’s commander for a good result, along with well-written letters he sent to the CO. Within a short couple weeks, it went from my son getting discharged to being able to stay in and it dropped, thanks to Joshua Hill.

    The relief we felt when we received that phone call from Joshua Hill was something I cannot even describe. If you want someone who will communicate with you and for you, fight for you, and extremely professional, hire Joshua Hill. You will NOT be disappointed!”

    – Lori

    Recommending, advising and informing!

    Mr. Joshua Hill did a wonderful job working with us in a legal suit. End state, a victorious outcome, and this was directly related to the strong counsel we received. He consistently put our interests at the forefront, advising what was the best approach, and explaining in detail why that approach would resonate best in the courtroom. If you are looking for an attorney who will listen to your concerns and feel that he is personally and professionally invested in results, Joshua Hill is your attorney. I was astonished by the level of knowledge Mr. Hill possesses while proving he is strategic and a true courtroom tactician. He is confident and can convey the right message. It was a great partnership and I highly recommend him for legal counsel.”

    – Kerri

    Experienced, responsive, and knowledgeable.

    “Those are the things you get when you hire Mr. Healy.  Immediately upon my retaining Mr. Healy he was there, accessible, through phone and text, explaining to me all the answers of the questions I had about the intimidating arena I had just been forced into. He replied to all of my concerns thoroughly and specifically, and gave me the best options and choices I had at my disposal. He was there to make sure I took my time to make informed and thought out decisions, while ensuring I knew the extent of my rights, even though those at my command were trying to force me into compromising situations.

    It was because of his knowledge with things that you hope to never have to become familiar with, that I EAS’d with an honorable discharge, only after he ended up negotiating a superb deal. If you’re dealing with allegations that threaten you’re goals in life and the military, big or small, hire Gerry. Your discharge, rank, reputation, security clearance, are all worth infinitely more in this world than what he charges.”

    – Tyler

    Honest and Amazing Attorney.

    “Josh Hill is an amazing attorney!!! 3 years ago I needed VA help with a hip problem and was told I could not get any medical help because of my military discharge from the United States Navy 33 year’s ago. I called Mr.Hill and talking with him, he was very respectful, professional and most of all honest. Whenever I had a question, Mr. Hill was very accurate and informative during the whole process. Mr.Hill answered all my phone calls and followed up with all my concerns. After 3 years working with Josh he was able to get my OTH (other than honorable) discharge upgraded to a Full Honorable discharge. I highly recommend Josh Hill to anyone that needs help, and look forward to working with Mr. Hill in the future. Thank You Every Much Josh!!!”