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  • SCRA Protection & Defense

    As a member of The United States Armed Forces, you and your loved ones should be protected to the full extent of the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA), formerly the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act (SSCRA), also less formally referred to as the Civil Service Relief Act, Military Relief Act or simply the SCRA Act.

    The SCRA is one of the military’s longest standing federal laws that aims to provide peace of mind to active duty military members and their families. Through the language of the SCRA, military members are granted temporary suspension from certain civil duties, including: outstanding debts, mortgage payments, taxes and termination of leases.

    However, these financial issues are not always taken into account by banks, car dealerships, and landlords, as active military members now have to balance serving their country against the threat of high interest rates, foreclosures, repossession, and wrongful termination of leases. Military Justice Attorneys is dedicated to resolving these issues quickly and efficiently to ensure that you are fully protected by the SCRA no matter where you are stationed. Contact our military lawyers now to learn more.