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Blogs from April, 2018

  • The military’s Criminal Investigation Division has one, very important job: to investigate and determine whether or not a service member has committed a crime, or if their actions or involvement warrant court-martial. The CID is essentially the military’s version of a criminal investigator. Though many times CID agents will take a casual approach, make no mistake that it is their mission to investigate crime and very likely view you as a suspect.

    The Criminal Investigation Division serves as the U.S. Army’s primary investigatory agent, as well as the premier investigatory agent for the rest of the Department of Defense (DoD). In this article we will detail more about the CID and how they operate.

    What the CID Does

    The mission of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division, as defined by the UCMJ, is to “conduct and control all Army investigations of serious crimes… and less serious crimes upon request or as needed to enforce Army law or regulations.” CID special agents frequently perform the following duties:

    • Investigate crime
    • Conduct investigations of serious and/or sensitive nature
    • Ascertain criminal intelligence
    • Forensics
    • Maintain DoD criminal records
    • Investigate criminal intelligence
    • Criminal investigations including war crimes
    • Protective service operations

    Agents of the Criminal Investigation Division are tasked with a large variety of crimes to investigate. From non-violent crimes like fraud or theft to the investigation of heavier circumstances, like death or terrorism, the CID’s criminal investigations know no bounds.

    Why Obtaining a Civilian Attorney is Crucial

    If you’re being questioned by a CID Agent, you NEED an attorney. Many times those under investigation will be tempted to cooperate in order to prove their innocence, but proceeding with an interrogation without legal representation can be a costly mistake. Agents of the Criminal Investigations Division have one job: to find an prosecute those that have committed a crime. The attorneys at Military Justice Attorneys also have one job—to aggressively defend you.

    If you believe you are the subject of investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division, contact us at (843) 773-5501 immediately. Let the Military Justice Attorneys defend your honor and protect your future. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation today.

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    An Overview of the Criminal Investigation Division