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"Justice" - it is a word that can bring relief or strike fear into anyone who finds him or herself within the cross hairs of a pending courts-martial. The difference is having a professional advocate, an experienced professional military attorney who can fight for your rights and protect your honor and military career.

Military Justice Attorneys, PLLC specialize in the representation of active duty military servicemembers who are under investigation, pending courts-martial, or administrative separation due to allegations of misconduct.

If you are a current military servicemember and are facing criminal allegations, feel that you are a victim of a SCRA violation, or in need of an attorney to appeal a Veteran Affairs decision, then you deserve the most informed legal guidance from military defense attorneys who have experience both in the courtroom and in the field. With over a decade of experience protecting military legal rights, Military Justice Attorneys, PLLC can help you get the justice you deserve.

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Local Military Attorneys

With military attorneys located in South Carolina, Georgia, and California, Military Justice Attorneys, PLLC has the resources to cater to active duty military in need of legal services regardless of the member’s branch of service, or the base they are stationed at.   Our virtual, decentralized approach to military legal defense ensures that we can represent any active duty servicemember, in any military branch, at any base in any state or country. 

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The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is one of the military’s longest standing federal laws that aims to provide peace of mind to active duty military members and their families. Through the language of the SCRA, military member are granted temporary suspension from certain civil duties, including: outstanding debts, mortgage payments, taxes and termination of leases.

Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

Practice Areas

Our firm provides a variety of services for those who seek legal guidance at home or abroad. This includes, but is not limited to, courts-martial, administrative separation boards, Board of Inquiry (BOI’s), chapter boards, formal Physical Evaluation Boards (PEB’s), as well as SCRA and VA claims. . We also understand that after these initial decisions are made, not everyone is given an orderly trial, which is why our firm also offers legal counsel on post-trial or clemency matters related to courts-martial convictions and/or sentencing. . Additionally, if you have been separated from military service and are looking for your service records, or characterization of service, to be corrected, our military lawyers can offer indispensable counsel to service members appealing to, or undergoing review by, a military correction board.


Military Allegations & Misconduct

Are you the subject of a criminal investigation, or facing a courts-martial due to your alleged misconduct? Our military defense attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to best protect your rights, whether you are facing a courts-martial or a separations board. Not only is your guilt or innocence at stake, but so is your honor. You deserve an experienced, aggressive trial attorney at your side, whether it is at your Article 32 hearing, motion hearings, or during your trial, our military lawyers are at the ready when you call.

Military Boards

SCRA Breaches

Your loved ones should to be protected as you protect our country. Military Justice Attorneys, PLLC strives to correct SCRA violations that threaten the peace of mind that you deserve while stationed away from home. Our military lawyers are experts at safeguarding active duty military service members, and their families from unscrupulous actions by banks, credit unions, car dealers, landlords, property management companies, and other entities.

SCRA Violations

Veteran (VA) Appeals

As a veteran of the United States Military, you deserve to be properly compensated for your service. If while serving you aggravated a pre-existing condition, were injured or are suffering from a new condition (e.g. PTSD), then you should be accommodated for in full. Often times filing a claim can become complicated, as claims are dismissed or disregarded completely. Don’t let time stand between you and due compensation, allow our military attorneys to be your ally in obtaining your needed and deserved benefits.

Veteran Appeals

Military Legal Services

Military Justice Attorneys, PLLC aims to provide a myriad of legal services to anyone with a military nexus, which is why our firm also provides legal counsel on violations of the SCRA, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Driving Under the Influence, Veterans Affairs Appeals, and referrals to Medical Evaluation Boards and Physical Evaluations Boards.

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